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During the warm summer months, there's little better entertainment value than going to a music festival. Experience the great outdoors, meet friends old and new, and listen to some great music. (Not that music festivals are restricted to the summer months - there are wonderful festivals held all year 'round.)
    If you're interested in finding a music festival in your area, or in an area you'll be visiting on your vacation, or even if you want to plan your vacation around a music festival - more people than you'd imagine do just this  -  or if you're involved in a music festival and want to make it known to a wider audience, these resources may be of assistance.


One indispensable festival-related resource is Musi-Cal, an online musical events database. Through Musi-Cal, one can find out where their favorite performer is playing, or find out what's happening in or around a certain city.

Festival Finder

This commercial site offers lots of information on music festivals of all kinds, and offers advertising and listings to festival organizers.

Folk Festivals in the US and Canada

Bob Berens' grassroots effort collects and presents information about folk music festivals in the US and Canada.

Additionally, UFOJOE provides information about Canadian music festivals.

Dirty Linen

The folks at Dirty Linen magazine have quite a list of festivals and special events that's updated monthly.

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